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Thinking about traveling! Don't worry I got you cover.

Passport Photos package cost $40

Its included the 2 photo copy printouts USA passport photo requirements.

Just send me a message and I will arrange a date to take them.

They are a same day print and pick up. So no hassle. Passport photos are taken in-studio.


Business & Corporate Headshots

Onsite Exclusive Headshots at Your Place of Business

Standard Headshots packages to Headshots Sessions for the Entire Office.

What the package does is provide all your needs to keep your image up to date. 

Headshots are ideal for social media, your website, company newsletter, press releases, trade publications, company archives. 

Prices start from $199 and up for a individual standard headshot package.

Headshots Sessions for the entire office varies by number of people taking the photo.

For more information please call to (832)384-6232


Interested in offering professional headshot sessions at your next convention or company event in the Houston area? Contact us with your specific needs for a quote! Call or E-mail your questions.

JJR Roofing

Image Digital Soultions

At the time I was working Carlos Torres the company owner of Image Digital Solutions. I was hire as an intern for a few months in the graphic department when I proposed to help make a video to help informed his customers. The idea was automatic accede to start instantaneously. 

Photography is hand on hand with cinematography.

My main focus may be photographs. But sometimes I work with some companies that want me to do post-production of both video and still images. I suppose that is where being creative comes to sight. Then again it's all for the love of art to something that pleases your heart.