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Winter Wonderland Special For 2017

Back to school specials are on there way.


As Summer comes to a close the school house will begun opening soon. Don't miss out on the up coming Back to School specials. Just know those little ones are about to start a whole new year. So why not making it a great start for one to add onto the photo albums.


Hey Aunts and Uncles you have your own holiday too! July 26 Save the date!!!

This is the perfect opportunity to take a picture of those kids that drives us nuts. 

Hey what better way could we do this. We know we love them because when we stop at a store pause and think. Saying to  ourselves, "I know who will like this.." or "Gasp! I know they will love this!!!". 

Getting the funny poses is really something.

Its fun to laugh and play plus joke around. Its even more funny when its a picture

Say cheese! Oh no!

Bunny ears pop out in the photos with lots of laughter and smiling after. So I think it pretty cool that we siblings have the gift to be that cool aunt or uncle. Who dosen't like to know that these kiddos look up to you. Especially when they say, "I want to be like my aunt or uncle." Its pretty cool feeling.  

Oh Tho Father!

Mother's Day, It's all about you mama!

Make it special to the women in our lives. What better way to show that than a photograph that brings the family closer. 

Valentine's Sale

February is know for a time of love.  Share the love with beloveds.

If it's a birthday it would be a lovely gift from the heart.

Photos are taken in studio. 

Session are about 45mins.

The $12.99 packages include the following:

24 Wallets 

1 8X10

1 11X13

1 FREE 5X7

More information: 40% off is included with purchases of additional photos packages and does included the FREE 5X7.

Grandparent's Day Special ("Día de los Abuelos" Venta Especial)

Welcome to my website, enjoy Your stay.

To all grandparents thank-you for everything. To share my gratitude I am giving a  40% Off of on packages over $100. In addition  as a gift you will receive  a FREE 10X13 Traditional sheet.

Día de los Abuelos

presentado por Monica's Foto Houston

-Gratis 10X13 Tamaño tradicional


-10 imágenes digitales

-Cuándo se imprima la foto.

-Escoja 2 posiciones de 5

Venta Especial 

40% de descuento y cuándo compra el paquete de $100.00 ó mas. 


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